XL Joinery Palermo original pre-finished with obscure glass internal oak door
XL Joinery Palermo Original Pre-Finished Internal Oak Door with Obscure Glass
£227.99 (inc VAT) Select options

XL Joinery Palermo Original Pre-Finished Internal Oak Door with Obscure Glass

£227.99 (inc VAT)


  • Pre-finished
  • Oakwood
  • Doors with Obscure Glass
  • Ideal pairing for your newly renovated home
  • Traditionally styled
  • Gentle curves and panel
  • Paneled and Fire Door versions
  • Contemporary 7 panel

Product details

With their traditional charm, these classic XL Joinery Palermo Original Pre-Finished Internal Oak Doors with Obscure Glass are an ideal pairing for your newly renovated home.

7 Panel detail in Palermo Original Pre-Finished

The contemporary 7 panel Palermo Original Pre-Finished Oak doors offer a fantastic range of professional standard doors. 7 panels fully furnished doors with 4 frosted glazed panels are located in the central section of the door.

Palermo Original Pre-Finished doors are solid core doors and require 3 hinges for hanging. The screws of these oak doors have holding strength to make sure that the fitting of handles, hinges, and latches is secure.

Traditionally styled, the gentle curves and panel details of Palermo Original Pre-Finished are ideally suited to family homes while still being suitable for any room in the house.

The performance, strength, and stability of the door are increased by using different engineering methods. Frosted glass in these doors allows the degree of the natural light degree to between rooms; along with this, privacy is also maintained.

We can get a similar look in a finished door while saving them time and struggle needed to finish one. Paneled and Fire Door versions of these obscure glass doors are also available.

Features of Palermo Original Pre-finished

  • This classic XL Joinery Palermo Internal door is originally Pre-finished as you can install it instantly as it delivers to your doorstep.
  • An Oak door always means you will get strength and stability at the same price.
  • To keep the traditional charm of your home renovation project, these internal doors are pairing Oak with Obscure glass.
  • XL Joinery offers a fantastic range of professionally built, 7 panels, fully furnished, Internal oak doors.
  • As you loved the gentle curves and panels of this traditionally styled door, you will find it ideal to install it in any room of a family house like yours.
  • The most attractive part of this door is the 4 frosted glazed panels. You can notice it in the central section. This addition enhances the feel of this door.
  • Having frosted glazed panels, privacy will still be maintained. In addition, the light can pass through between the rooms.
  • The choice of material, Oak, the construction, and overall design of this door make sure the performance.
  • Completely different use of design and engineering methods.
  • If you are looking for Paneled and Fire Door versions, they are also available.

Additional information

Dimensions 35 × 1981 × 838 cm




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