LPD White Moulded Textured 4P Primed Internal Door
LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door
£47.99£52.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door

£47.99£52.99 (inc VAT)

Code: TEX4P

  • Four Panelled Design 
  • Ideal For Home And Office Use
  • Moulded Textured Door
  • 10-year Warranty
  • FSC Certified Product
  • Pre-Finished

Product details

The White Moulded Textured 4P door oozes style and elegance and is one of the finest Victorian-style doors available. The four-panelled design gives it a traditional look and is ideal for all modern and contemporary homes. The door is suitable for all internal applications, including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

This LDP White Moulded Textured 4P door is FSC certified and boasts a semi-solid core that makes it durable. The durable construction makes it last for decades. You will also get a 10-year defect warranty with this door that gives you the surety that the manufacturers will proficiently handle all the issues. 

The door blends well with modern furniture, and the pre-finished design eliminates the hassle of adding other coatings and finishing. The same design is also available as the FD30 fire and bi-fold door. 

 There are only a few options that match the beauty and elegance of the White Moulded Textured 4P door. The manufacturers also add oak lipping on all sides of the door to trim up to 06mm. The freedom to trim the doors helps to achieve a perfect fit. 

LPD White Moulded Textured 4P Primed Internal Door Features:

  • The Door Is Pre-Finished, And This Eliminates The Need To Add Extra Finish Or Coatings
  • Also Available As Fire And Bi-Fold Door, Helping You Give A Harmonious Look 
  • This Is An FSC Certified Product That Ensures High-Quality Material Usage
  • You Will Get A 10-Year Defect Warranty With The Door 
  • Oak Lipping Can Be Trimmed For Up To 06mm From All Sides To Achieve A Perfect Fit

Where to Buy White Moulded Textured 4P Door:

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