LPD White Moulded Mayfair 4P Primed Internal Door
LPD Mayfair 4P White Primed Internal Door
£50.99£56.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD Mayfair 4P White Primed Internal Door

£50.99£56.99 (inc VAT)

Code: MAY4P

  • Delivered In A White Primed Finish
  • Responsible Forestry Seal – FSC Certification
  • Available In Various Sizes
  • Good Choice For Areas Where Privacy Is A Concern
  • 10-Year Limited Guarantee By The Manufacturer
  • Features Four Raised Shaped Panels

Product details

The white moulded Mayfair 4P door has been crafted using a white composite. Furthermore, it comes with a white primed finish. Therefore, you can paint any colour you want on it before installing it. This renders it a perfect choice for any home or office that’s looking for a classic door design. 

The white door has four raised shaped panels along with an aesthetically pleasing curved top edge. The door is available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, you can opt for the size that best meets your needs. Also, since it doesn’t have any glazing, it is an ideal candidate for spaces where privacy is a concern. 

The white moulded Mayfair 4P door was crafted using materials that were sourced in compliance with the UK forestry laws. Therefore, it carries the mark of responsible forestry in the form of FSC certification and is delivered with a full chain of custody. 

The internal white door comes backed by its manufacturer in the form of a 10-year limited guarantee. It is strongly recommended to follow the instruction manual to prevent voiding the guarantee. You can, however, rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing a durable product that will last for years. 

 LPD White Moulded Mayfair 4P Primed Internal Door Features:

  • Available In Different Dimensions
  • Perfect For Spaces Where You Need Privacy
  • Has A White Primed Finish
  • Features Four Shaped Raised Panels With A Curved Top
  • FSC Certified Internal White Door
  • Guarantee Of 10 Years – Limited In Nature, Offered By The Manufacturer

Where to Buy White Moulded Mayfair 4P Door:

The white moulded Mayfair 4P door can be used at your home or office. It can be used to complement any space where it is installed, owing to its classic design. The white door is durable and gives a good value for money. Call Internal Doors UK to make your purchase today!


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