LPD White Moulded Glazed 2P/2L Primed Clear Internal Door
LPD 2P/2L White Primed Clear Internal Glazed Door
£136.99 (inc VAT) Select options

LPD 2P/2L White Primed Clear Internal Glazed Door

£136.99 (inc VAT)

Code: TEX2P2L

  • Large Glass Panels
  • Two Solid Panels 
  • Pre-finished Texture
  • Ready To Install
  • FSC Certified
  • 06mm Adjustments Possible
  • 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Product details

The White Moulded Glazed 2P-2L is one of the finest white doors available in our collection. We help you source the finest internal doors at affordable rates. The glazed 2P-2L door comes pre-finished and is ready to install. 

The white primed colour elevates the room’s beauty and matches well with the existing home décor. This elegant door is suitable for all kinds of internal applications. You can install the door in the kitchen, dining room, and living room per your needs.

The classic design with two large glass panels allows natural light to enter the room. This makes the door ideal for darker rooms. The engineered construction of this semi-solid core door makes it durable and able to withstand rigourous conditions. 

The sleek and classical design door is made from FSC-certified materials. This means that all the materials used in its making comply with UK’s forestry regulations. Adjustments can be made on all sides of the door up to 6mm. 

The white moulded glazed 2P-2L is also available as a solid four-panel fire door. Buy this door confidently, as you will also get a 10-year defect warranty with the door. 

LPD White Moulded Glazed 2P/2L Primed Clear Internal Door Features:

  • Fire-Rated Door Is Also Available In This Design To Ensure A Cohesive Look 
  • With A 10-Year Defect Warranty, You Can Make The Purchase Confidently
  • The Core Materials Used In The White Moulded Door Are FSC Certified
  • The Durable Design Allows The Door To Handle Rough Conditions
  • Two Glass Panels Allow Uninterrupted Light Supply In The House

Where to Buy White Moulded Glazed 2P-2L Door:

Look no further than Internal Doors UK when you plan to buy a white moulded glazed 2P-2L door for the home. We are one of the finest suppliers of internal doors and offer a wide array of products at an affordable rate. Get in touch with our sales team and plan an order for durable and beautiful white doors.

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Dimensions 35 × 686 × 1981 cm

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