LPD Hardwood Lipped Door Blanks FD30 (44mm) Hardwood FD30 Fire Door

£79.99£142.99 (inc VAT)

Code: DB526MAH

  • Unfinished And Ready To Paint Or Stain
  • Simple Design Suitable For Both Internal And External Use
  • FD30-rated Door
  • 44mm Thick Door
  • 10-Years Defect Guarantee By The Manufacturer
  • Sturdy Hardwood Face Material

Product details

Blank Firecheck Blanks Hardwood carries a simple design featuring one solid panel surrounded by two layers of hardwood lippings. This door is part of the classic fire doors family. 

It is an FD30-rated door which ensures the safety aspect of your interior. Furthermore, it is supplied with a ten-year defect guarantee from the manufacturer, saving you from the repair hassle.

Blank Firecheck Blanks Hardwood is suitable for both internal and external usage in any traditional home.

LPD Blank Firecheck Blanks Hardwood FD30 (44mm) FD30 Fire Door:

  • Brazilian Hardwood Core
  • Available In Different Sizes
  • Offers Protection Against Fire For Thirty Minutes
  • Perfect To Keep Privacy Between Rooms
  • Ideal For Traditional Interiors

Where to Buy Blank Firecheck Blanks Hardwood:

Blank Firecheck Blanks Hardwood looks simple yet is strong and strengthens the safety side inside your home. You can learn more about this product by calling us at Internal Doors UK, and we will be happy to help!


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