LPD Black Tribeca Glazed 3L Tinted Internal Door
LPD Tribeca 3L Tinted Primed Plus Black Tinted Internal Glazed Door
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LPD Tribeca 3L Tinted Primed Plus Black Tinted Internal Glazed Door

£384.99 (inc VAT)


  • Tribeca
  • 3L
  • Tinted primed plus black
  • Stylish and unique
  • Primed plus Black ornamental beading
  • Solid lock block
  • Ideal for traditional homes
  • three glazed panels
  • Tinted glazing
  • Allows natural light
  • Gives privacy

Product details

LPD Black Tribeca glazed 3l tinted primed plus internal door decorative beading – Unmarked and ready to paint This funky and unique internal door echoes our modern styling. The ‘Tribeca’ features three tined glazed panels, which will brighten up your interior, maintaining a degree of privacy. If you are looking for an unusual door to add charm to your home, then look no further than the LPD Tribeca 3L. Ideal to create a feature in any modern home, the Tribeca glazed door is the perfect combination of contemporary and traditional features. The stunning grain in the external Primed Plus Black provides a traditional feel, while the glazed panels provide a contemporary element with a slight sense of color. 

When you need an interior door that not only keeps your privacy but also adds light to your room, then LPD Tribeca 3 Light Glass Internal Door is an excellent solution. This door has three generously glass panels, and the tinted glazing adds to its attractiveness. The Tribeca door is available in a Primed Plus Black color and may complement practically any design. With a sturdy core and three fashionable single tinted glass panes, this door has an attractive look, making it an outstanding option for any interior. We offer a 10-years guarantee on all of our hardwood doors for your peace of mind.

LPD Black Tribeca Glazed 3L Tinted Internal Door Features:

  • The Tribeca is a stylish and unique internal door with Primed Plus Black ornamental beading and an attractive solid lock block ideal for your complementing accessories. 
  • Three generously glazed panels add beauty to this door. 
  • Tinted glazing gives the internal glazed door a unique feature and will provide your house with the necessary light while still keeping a touch of privacy. 
  • The Tribeca is the door you require for your contemporary house.
  • LPD Doors’ Internal Tribeca Glazed Door is from their Manhattan Colours line and is primed plus with a second coat, ready for a final finish.

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Dimensions 35 × 686 × 1981 cm

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