lpd 726 826 flusso pocket door kit modern
LPD 726 & 826 Flusso Pocket Door Kit Modern
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LPD 726 & 826 Flusso Pocket Door Kit Modern

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LPD 726 is the original Flusso pocket door kit. With its elegant aluminium telescopic runner it disappears into the side of the wall when not in use. LPD 826 Modern Pocket Door Kit is designed to complement door furniture from MDF and Glass to wood. LPD Flusso Pocket Door Kit Modern is perfect for making the most of limited space in areas such as kitchens. The kit features two sliding door panels, each of which is made from a steel rail and a soft-close pocket mechanism. This pocket door kit is completed by smooth panels and a discreet secondary handle, available in purposeful colours such as white, black, silver or anthracite. The LPD 726 & 826 Pocket Door Sliding Kit from Salice is suitable for full size doors and designed to be both stylish and minimalist. Available in a range of finishes including white, black and brushed stainless steel, the pocket door kit comprises an aluminium sliding track and hardware elements. It features full length pivoting guides, which help to reduce internal friction whilst also reducing the weight, giving smooth gliding movement with minimal effort.

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