White Moulded Textured 4P
LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door
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LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door

£52.99 From £52.99

Door Code: TEX4P24


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The LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door from our Primed Range has an elegant style.  With classic flat panels, scallops on the edges and four raised shaped panels in this classical Victorian design. Perfect for all internal locations, including living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. The LPD is FSC approved and is ideal for commercial applications. Once you’ve taken a look at this door, your eyes will never be drawn to an old wooden door again. This LPD White Moulded textured composite door stands out thanks to four raised shaped panels that are ideal for adding detail to your home’s interior design. The semi-solid web core is built from FSC-approved components and is engineered for reliable performance. The LPD 4P White Primed Internal Door is a pre-finished and ready to hang door. Adjustments can be made on all sides of the door up to 6mm. Also available as a FD30 Fire Door or as a FD30 Bi-fold door. We offer a 10 year money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied.