Victorian Style Doors

Victorian-style doors are four-panel doors that are so typical of the age and are a favourite. The classic layout subtly and easily fits into any interior. With increased and fielded panels, the elastic styling compliments any dwelling. A few of our unfinished interior Victorian doors have to be coated from the client’s choice to complete the style, and there’s even more flexibility in design to match your home. Our Victorian doors are now able to be built to measure, meaning that we’ll fit our doors to your residence for you, ensuring the dimensions are accurate to your interior and the door frame.

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How does a Victorian Door assist my decor?

Pine internal Victorian doors are left unfinished, so you can pick and choose your special coating and finish to suit your house and your requirements, giving you more flexibility on your choices by simply deciding what style of door you’d like. Our Pitch Pine Victorian doors are all visually gorgeous, made using a tremendous looking wood which gives a traditional feel in a manner that can not be recreated with new or synthetic materials or even ordinary walnut. The highly desired and frankly nostalgic appearance of our Victorian doors not just provides you with the traditional appearance, but it also means that no two inner Victorian doors could look exactly the same.

Our Oak Victorian door range is made up of a number of our most stable versions. They are created with a solid wood core foundation, and also a thick veneer of soak is applied over the surface, providing the beauty and abundant grain that’s so typical of an oak door. The most understated, subtle, and comfortable design of the inner Victorian door makes it perfect for both traditional and modern homes alike.

Choosing a quality Victorian door

For a top-quality Victorian door, look no farther than Internal Doors UK. Our four-panel design is indeed typical of a Victorian-style door yet fits both contemporary and traditional styled homes. With a variety of accessories, including glossy locks, to go alongside these Internal Victorian Doors, there’s not any lack of personalisation choices. A few of our Victorian-style doors may also be available in our fire door array for that excess amount of security and safety within your home. All our Victorian doors are fire-safe and will provide 30 minutes of fire security for added extra protection.