Room Dividers

Our room dividers are internal doors that come in a set of two (double doors) to fill a much wider door opening that usually sits between two living spaces. They are used as doors in the respect that they are to allow rooms to be closed off/entered but if both are opened at the same time, they create a totally different dynamic in your home.

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Creating different zones

If you like to have different areas used for different purposes in your home, room dividers are the perfect solution. They enable you to effectively open up rooms to come together and essentially create an open plan living environment which has been highly desirable for many years. However, a permanent open plan living space might not be suitable for your needs and as such, room dividers offer the perfect compromise; you can create the space when you need it, and re-create the separate rooms when you don’t. This might suit you when you are entertaining, for example – having a flow from kitchen to reception rooms and onwards will allow guests to mingle. It might also be suitable if you have a young family and prefer to keep an eye on them whilst you might be cooking. And then when you’d like a cosy haven again, the doors can be closed to create that separation.

Your internal doors play a crucial role in your home. They of course offer the ability to close off rooms, providing privacy and in some cases increased safety if fire doors are installed. In the past, internal doors have been perceived as expensive and usually not a priority thanks to the generic shapes, materials and styles which were on offer. Today, however, it is a very different situation thanks to online retailers such as Internal Doors UK.

Explore our range of Room Dividers

Our incredible range of internal doors is one of the broadest in the country, offering doors that will suit any home, any style and any budget. Our unbeatable prices, 100% satisfaction guaranteed and exceptional service combined with the huge amount of choice on offer means we are one of the UK’s premier door suppliers.

Our range is so broad, that we even have more unusual designs in stock, like our impressive and feature-rich room dividers. These are so much more than a standard internal door – take a look to find out why you should consider them for your home.

Different styles to choose from

One key point to mention about room dividers is that they look fantastic. They can be far more striking than just a single door and with the different styles we have on offer at Internal Doors UK, you may well be spoilt for choice. From traditional to contemporary to ultra-modern, they can enhance your space in the way it needs to. There are several options which include glazed too which will further foster the feeling of space in your home. Being able to see onwards into other spaces really will make it feel more spacious and the ability for light to flow through will brighten up even the darkest corner. You’ll also have the option of doors with a traditional swing opening or sliding which again allows for an even greater sensation of space.

Materials and finishes

If you’re concerned that your décor is quite specific and you won’t get anything to match, you need not be! There are plenty of options to choose from so you will be able to choose the right ones for you. Our room dividers come in a range of styles in the first instance but you can also pick from different colours, materials and finishes too. For example, we offer traditional oak that is not only beautiful but practical too. If you’d like to match the room dividers to the rest of your colour scheme, choose one of the plain primed options or why not opt for stylish and dramatic black? Dark doors can even make your ceilings seem higher thanks to the optical illusion they create.

Why buy from Internal Doors UK

At Internal Doors UK, we are extremely knowledgeable with a huge amount of experience to our name. That’s why we are in the best position to advise you properly on the room dividers that will best suit your home. If none of the options we have in stock suit your needs, we are even able to make them to measure, giving you the perfect fit. Our prices are unbeatable and we guarantee 100% satisfaction so you know that with us, you’re getting the very best which is why we are one of the UK’s premier suppliers of internal doors. So browse our selection and get in touch if you have any questions.