Period internal doors are great for encapsulating your favourite time age into your house. Whether you’re searching for something from the Victorian age or something more modern with our range of 1920’s or 1930’s design inner period doors, there is something for everyone at Internal Doors UK. Our antique, period internal doors come in a vast selection of unique styles, as well as different high-quality woods and sizes perfect for almost any home interior.

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When a lot of individuals like the contemporary appearance of our modern doorways, a conventional, authentic home inside goes out of fashion, which explains the reason why our choice of period internal doors is so popular. Regardless of being branded as accurate and out of a historical period, our inside period doors are produced with remarkable grade-A timber, and that means you can rest assured that regardless of what inner door you opt to go for, it is going to remain durable and endure the test of time.

Features And Benefits Of Interior Period Doors

At Internal Doors UK, we never compromise quality, which means you can rest knowing that all of our period internal doors are created with quality and durability in mind. Among the biggest benefits connected with our period internal doors is your selection that we have available. Firstly our assortment of Victorian doors really are classic and provide the intricate detail that is essential to that time period, which means you’re truly able to recreate the validity with that age. Moreover, we additionally offer you Georgian style interior period doors, all superbly crafted with a walnut finish.

Alternately, if you’re looking for something slightly more contemporary, we also have a vast range of various 1920’s and 1930’s doors available on our website, provided in many shapes, designs and woods to be able to fit and enhance the rest of your home interior. What is more, is that despite the classic, the historical appearance of our period internal doors, some are fabricated with knobs that are tabbed, offering you extra protection in case of a home fire!

Finding a vintage, a classic internal door that’s of high quality can be difficult, but it is possible to confide in us if wanting to discover durable yet visually-stunning inside period doors. At Internal Doors UK, we ensure that all our inside doors are made to last, which explains exactly why we only choose the highest quality timber. Additional when looking for your dream period internal door, you can rest assured that we’ll have the style you’re searching for, together with numerous distinct forests ranging from pine to pitch pine. Additionally, we also have different sizes for our interior period doors, ideal for a bigger establishment or rather a cosy cabin.

Even if your house’s interior is mainly contemporary, one of those period doors can offer the perfect home statement which you’ve been searching for. With the two glass and opaque panelled doors, there’s absolutely no limit to the selection for our inner period doors.