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Choosing the right internal doors doesn’t just depend on personal preference, but also on the use that your interior door will be placed through on a daily basis. We offer a massive selection of walnut, pine, white, oak, composite, and vestibule doors, along with a choice of painted and primed doors, so you will never run out of options.

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Which Internal Door Is Ideal For My House?

We understand the value of investing in internal doors that will be appropriate for your property, and this is the reason we provide a bespoke service to all of our clients in regards to their purchase. Some doors in our collection provide a feeling of nostalgia in the 1920s and 1930s, while some provide a traditional Victorian vibe that will still match the contemporary interior design. Our doors can be made to measure for your doorway. Our clear walnut doors are ideal for painting, in order to make a stand-out effect, or in order to increase the distance with an airy texture, so be sure you read our collection to locate your ideal match.

Your internal doors say a lot about your home. They can have a much greater impact than you might realise so getting them right is crucial. They are also not a purchase you would want to make too regularly so picking the right style, finish and quality will ensure you don’t have to go through the process again in the near future. And that’s where Internal Doors UK can help.

As the UK’s leading supplier of internal doors, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer unbeatable prices. Added to the fact we have a huge range of doors readily available as well as offering made to measure doors, why would you go anywhere else?!

There are several considerations you need to make when it comes to your internal doors and fortunately at Internal Doors UK, we can cover all of these. So read on and then browse our wide selection to find the internal doors which are just right for you:

Which material should I choose?

You need to consider how your door will be used in addition to how you want it to look. If the door will be used a lot, you will need something more hardwearing and durable. And then there’s the overall look too – will wood be the right material to suit the rest of your home and if so, what type? From walnut to pine, oak to composite and so much more, we have a range of materials to choose from to make sure you get the right fit for you.

What internal door styles are there?

Your doors need to either complement the overall style of your home or be so neutral they are innocuous. Either way, we can help. We have a multitude of different styles so you can be as modern and chic as you desire, or as traditional as the home demands. Ultra-contemporary and sleek designs in greys and blacks will suit a new home, whereas the period doors including Victorian, Georgian and Art Deco will be appropriate for the right older house. Many of the doors come finished so if you would like wood, wood effect, white, greys or blacks you can choose what’s right for you. Alternatively, opt for primed doors and you can paint them yourself in any colour you like to match your colour scheme.

What is their primary function?

Of course, the primary function of a door is to separate rooms – that’s obvious. But doors can do much more than this! They can improve the look of all the living spaces but over also, they can have a practical use. For example, have you considered whether you want fire doors in place? These might be useful in certain areas of your home. By installing glazed doors, you can also improve the flow of light throughout the home which will dramatically change the appearance and ambience. Glazed doors need not compromise on privacy, but they can make even the darkest corner or a hallway become more inviting with a few rays of sunlight.

If you have any questions about your internal doors, we have years of experience and a huge range available so browse the collections and get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you select the right ones for you!