1960s Internal doors

Some trends never die. 1960s Internal doors are a great example of this. You will not find these retro-themed, beautiful doors anywhere. But we brought it into the collection for our customer’s unique taste. The same elegance may be seen in our 1960s interior doors. Our new-age clients are increasingly interested in these stylish and sophisticated doors. We place our highest quality way forward by growing our assortment of numerous designs for an internal door. We presently have two types of oaks: oaks and white primed oaks. While oak has an earthy appearance, white prime is timeless elegance. Both colors go well with a wide range of interior styles.

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  • LPD White DX 60s Style Primed Period Internal Door
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  • LPD Oak DX 60s Style Unfinished Veneer Internal Door
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What’s So Special about 1960s Internal Doors?

Doors accentuate the beauty of living spaces. And this holds not just for modern times but the old times too. Vintage doors look effortlessly beautiful. They tend to sit well with any interior theme. 

Our 1960s internal doors embody the same beauty. These elegant and straightforward doors are growing in demand among our new-age customers. We are putting our best foot foward by increasing our stock of various designs for an internal door. Currently, we have them into two variants- The oaks and the white primed. While oak gives an earthy look, the white prime is a classic. Both the colours are compatible with most interior colours. You can have it as your bedroom door, kitchen, living room, and just about anywhere.

How to choose a 1960’s Internal Door?

It’s a daunting task to select door colours and finishing when you already have the burden to renovate your entire place. Our craftsmen have years of expertise to understand what one expects for 1960s internal. We also have a vast collection of other types of internal doors. We cater to every need of our customers. This is how you can select the right design for you:

Finishing: Decide the amount of finishing you need. Unfinished doors give you the flexibility to customize as they are not coloured or primed, only pre-sanded. Primed doors again are not exactly finished. They have a coating of primer. White primed doors look as chic as they are. You can decide if you want to colour or keep them as it is. Prefinished doors, on the other hand, are fully primed and coloured. They are ready for installation.

Glazing: Glazing allows some level of transparency through the door. The glazing shapes and patterns can govern the look of the door. Light will pass through those shapes, forming a beautiful pattern on the opposite. If you go for regular glazing, you can choose if you want a single glazed or double glazed.

Panels: Vintage doors have more detailing than contemporary ones. Most 1960s doors have panels. Panels make the door rigid. It will also last longer. Our 1960s internal doors have three topped on three panels.

Price: The more finishing you want, the price will go up. Decide what you are paying for. Is it just the door? Or a door set with frames, hinges, and architraves? Those will be priced higher. It also depends on the door material. We make our doors super affordable.

Our customers are our lifeline. Hence our only motive is to supply doors that will satisfy them and make them shop more from our stores. If you have any query regarding internal doors to or about or about other products, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are ready to guide you anytime you desire.

Secure and valuable

1960s doors are the ideal method to keep your home looking authentically 1960s while also benefiting from the strength and durability of new doors made to exceptional modern-day quality.

Practical and Appealing 

The majority of doors from the 1960s feature panels. Three panels are topped on three panels on our 1960s internal doors. The door is rigid because of the panels. It will also persist for a more extended period

Why choose Internal Doors UK?

  • The prices are reasonable. You may quickly acquire already prepared doors that suit your style without blowing the cash.
  • Exceptional quality. We make an effort to provide robust, trendy, and well-protected doors to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Support available at all times. Our customer care representatives are here to answer any questions.
  • Delivery on time Within 3-7 business days, we will mail your order. Our made-to-measure service involves creating a bespoke door size for a customer.

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