White Fire Doors are equally fitting for both period and modern properties, depending on your internal design theme. The panel doors come in a range of different sizes, shapes and style patterns. More contemporary flush doors have a more simple style, often with a panel or design effect.

With Internal Doors UK, our doors will not compromise the style of your home for efficiency. All doors have an FD30 rating for 30 minutes of protection from the risk of fire. We have a range of different fire doors which will suit the design and style of their glazed and standard counterparts. Great if you need a fire door in one part of the room and a standard door in another.

Do I Need a Fire Door?

Fire doors create a fire safety system, preserving both commercial and domestic buildings from the risk of a fire spreading by confining it to a specific location for a longer period of time, but can still be stylish too! Check out our designs to find the door you desire.
Our White Fire Doors are particularly suited to both period and modern properties, depending on your internal theme. Our flush and panelled doors range in a variety of styles. With Internal Doors UK, the style of your home will not be compromised. We have a wide range of patterns that will match any internal design. The fire doors suit their standard counterparts so that you do not have have a range of designs in the same area of your home.

Fire doors protect both commercial and domestic buildings from any spread of fire, confining it to a specific location for a longer period of time.

Why White Fire Doors?

If you find the ‘natural wood’ look outdated, then our white fire doors are the perfect choice for you. These doors have a double coat of factory-applied primer. The door is pre-sealed to preserve the door until the final coat of paint is applied.
On-Going works

Purchasing new doors often goes along with other internal work, like a new extension or a room refurbishment of your home or office. Building regulations are very important when it comes to renovations and extensions. Fire doors are a legal requirement in certain circumstances. It is beneficial to have your doors in during works to minimise the spread of dust and noise. Pre-primed doors are the perfect solution here. The doors have a level of surface protection built-in and will hold against the dust from the on-going works taking place. After work is completed, all that is left is for the decorators to give them the finishing coat of paint.

What style can I choose?

We showcase a few of the styles that are available, so if you have taken a liking to another door on our site but want it in white just contact us! We also provide White FD30 Fire Door versions of all of the following door styles: Vancouver, Mexicano, Maine, Coventry, Regency styles, Amsterdam, Florida, Contemporary, Lincoln, Canterbury, Victorian and 1960’s styles and many more.

Can I get Glazed White Fire Doors?

You can indeed! Glazed White FD30 versions are also obtainable in the Vancouver range which also comes in a variety of different colours.

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