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Walnut Fire Doors come both in FD30 and FD60 rated, improving your property’s fire safety. They also suit both modern and period properties, depending on the theme of your interior. There is quite a wide choice of Walnut fire doors such as flush, panelled and glazed. Flush doors are flat, with ‘V’ grooves cut into the face, giving off a panelled effect.

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  • LPD Sofia Pre-Finished Walnut Internal FD30 Fire Door

    £191.99 (inc VAT)

    LPD Oak Sofia door with a Pre-finished Oak Veneer design, and vertical borders. Distinctive oak wood grain patterning. Perfect for all internal locations including living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Particularly suited for Commercial applications. Engineered solid core, Pre-finished and ready to hang. Adjustments can be altered to all sides up to 6mm, also available as an FD30 Fire Door and a glazed version also. We offer a 10 year money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied.

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  • LPD Tres Pre-Finished Walnut Internal FD30 Fire Door

    £245.99 (inc VAT)

    LPD Walnut Tres door. Three fields of opposing woodgrain mould the design. Great for all internal locations, including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Also perfect for commercial applications, corridors, offices and meeting rooms. Pre-finished Walnut, crafted with a composite and solid core, ready to be installed straight away. FSC Certified, also available in Charcoal Black, Pearl Grey, as a Fire Door (44mm) variant, and lastly pairs up with the Diez for a Glazed partner. We offer a 10 year money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied.

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  • LPD Vancouver 4L Pre-Finished Walnut Clear Glass Internal Fire Door

    From £673.99 (inc VAT)

    The LPD Walnut Vancouver, 4-light glazed door is a see-through version of the Vancouver design, with four clear glazed panels. Each panel has raised mouldings and is vertically edged with a custom V groove. It has 10mm solid walnut lippings with a solid core, finished off with a walnut laminate. Perfect for all interior locations where privacy is not needed. Ready to hang and comes with a 10 year money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied. Adjustments can be made of all sides of the door up to the depth of the lippings to ensure a great fit for new and existing door frames. Four hinges per door are recommended as the hinges and door handles are not included.

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  • LPD Vancouver 5P Pre-Finished Walnut Internal Fire Door

    £242.99 (inc VAT)

    The LPD Walnut Vancouver 5-panel door has five panels with a V groove pattern. It has solid walnut lippings with a solid core, finished with a walnut laminate. This door is pre-finished and has vertical and horizontal V grooves which add extra detail and symmetry. Perfect for any interior rooms and is ready to hang. Manufacturer’s 10-year warranty included, adjustments can also be made on each side up to the depth of the lippings to ensure a perfect fit for new and existing door frames. Hinges and door handles are not included; a minimum of three hinges per door is also recommended.

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  • LPD Vancouver Laminated Walnut Laminated Internal FD30 Fire Door

    £281.99 (inc VAT)

    The sought after five panel, Vancouver design, this time in a laminated finish, perfect for enhancing the interiors of any room. NB: Standard doors supplied semi solid core. FD30’s supplied solid core.

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  • LPD Zeus Pre-Finished Walnut Internal FD30 Fire Door

    £258.99 (inc VAT)

    This stunningly contemporary Zeus door has a distinct pre-finished Walnut wood grain in a criss-cross style pattern.

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  • XL Joinery Varese Pre-Finished Internal Walnut Fire Door

    £400.99 (inc VAT)

    The fully finished contemporary Varese is an internal walnut door that combines horizontal and vertical grains with a decorative aluminium insert strip. Pre-finished in a clear AC lacquer and ready to hang. The modern design complements a contemporary home or apartment and is also available in a Oak veneer. Use the walnut Varese alongside the Varese glazed door to create a consistent look in any home.

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With Internal Doors UK, the style of your interior will not be compromised. We have a large range of different sizes, both imperial and metric that will match any interior doorway. These fire doors match their conventional counterparts so that you do not have to have different designs in the same are of your home. These ranges now also have glazed counterparts.

Why Fire Doors?

Modern building regulations are extremely strict on the use of fire doors in certain areas. This could be that your architect has specified the use of a fire door in specific areas. It is always a safer choice to separate a room with a source of fire, such as kitchens with stoves, areas with fireplaces etc. This means, if an accident was to arise, the fire door could allow your family with vital extra time to make their escape.

Our fire doors have an FD30 rating provide 30 minutes of time before they will burn through. We also have FD60 Sixty Minute doors if you require these.

What is their Purpose?

Fire Doors protect both commercial and domestic buildings from the spread of fire by isolating it to a certain area of the house, for a longer period of time. This allows extra time for people within the building to escape.

They are a legal requirement for certain buildings, such as commercial properties and flats. But the main purpose of our Fire Doors is to save lives!

Selection and Installation

The installation of fire doors must be done correctly.The intumescent strip is one of the essential elements in a fire door. It runs around the edge of the door where it meets the lining or frame.

It expands in the heat, which helps trap the smoke. This stops fumes from spreading. Also preventing flames from travelling passed the door. This keeps an escape route safe.