Victorian Fire Doors

Are you searching for a fire-resistance door for your house safety plan and want it to flatter your interior design simultaneously? Then look no further! Our Victorian fire doors create the perfect passive fire safety system for your property, ensuring the slow spread of fire to save lives.

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  • XL Joinery Victorian 4 Panel Internal Oak Door
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  • lpd regency 4p pre finished oak internal door
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  • Out of stock XL Joinery Victorian 4 Panel With Raised Mouldings Oak Internal Door
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  • XL Joinery Victorian 4 Panel White Moulded Internal Door
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  • LPD Oak Regency 4P Unfinished Internal Door
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  • LPD Oak Regency 4P RM2S Unfinished Internal Door
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  • lpd regency 6p pre finished oak internal door
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  • XL Joinery Victorian 4 Panel Pre-Finished Internal Oak Door
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Victorian-style fire doors are a trendy choice, primarily because of their authentic look, which can sometimes be hard to tell apart from original features left intact since the 19th century. Our Victorian doors are panelled, with intricate carvings and a smooth finish. Furthermore, they come with an FD30 fire rating (contain the fire for 30 minutes) and in various designs for you to choose from, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s interior. The popularity of these gorgeous fire doors is growing day by day.

We provide you with a variety of designs to match your interiors. These include different colours from white to browns, and you can buy them in different finishing: fully finished, pre-finished, and unfinished.

These perfect doors will finish off the look of your home and will surely suit the build and decoration of your home. Here at Internal Doors UK, we have a large variety of designs of Victorian doors for you to choose from. Also, see styles to include flat panels, raised panels with traditional mouldings or without in a ‘shaker’ style-specific designs with raised mouldings for a striking look.

With Internal Doors UK, you don’t have to compromise the style of your home for the sake of efficiency or safety. Our Victorian fire doors are FD30 rated. By FD30 rating, we mean that the doors can contain a fire for 30 minutes. These doors not only contain fire but smoke too. Consequently, providing time for occupants to escape; in conclusion, our doors are designed to save lives!

They also suit the design and style of their standard and glazed counterparts. Great if you need a Fire door in one part of the room and a Standard door in another.

Do I Need a Fire Door?

Fire doors create a fire safety system, preserving both commercial and domestic buildings from the risk of a fire spreading by confining it to a specific location for a more extended period, but it can still be stylish too! Check out our designs to find the door you desire.

Most commercial buildings and flats require installing fire doors to fulfil legal requirements. According to standard regulations, you should install these doors at strategic locations.

Why choose Victorian Fire Doors

Our range of Victorian Fire Doors complements both classic and period designs. Equally suited to both period and modern properties, depending on your internal design. The style of your home will not be compromised for safety. We have a selective range of patterns that will match any interior design. The fire doors pair up with their standard counterparts so that you do not have to have various designs in the same area of the house.

If you are concerned about compromising the design of your home for the sake of installing fire doors, do not worry, as we have the perfect match for your other standard internal doors. Pick your stylish, Victorian Fire Doors today!


What are FD30 Doors?

Fire doors are given a fire-resistance rating and are usually made of a combination of glass, gypsum, steel, aluminium, and timber. FD30 is a standard specification for fire doors and means that fire doors leading to escape routes could contain the fire for about 30 minutes. FD30 doors can buy much-needed time by controlling the spread of fire, allowing occupants to escape a building safely. You can browse our website and read our articles to know more about standard regulations.

Why Internal Doors UK?

  • Industry-grade quality for fire protection. Our primed fire doors feature an FD30 rating to withstand high temperatures and heat during fire emergencies.  
  • Reasonable prices. Doors are available at a wide range of prices.
  • Always-on staff support. Our customer representatives are willing to simplify your journey by answering all your questions and providing practical suggestions. 
  • Variety of designs: our doors come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns.