Pre Finished Fire Doors

When you want fire safety standards to meet perfect stylish decors pre-finished internal doors with FD 30 is a better idea. This helps in ensuring the fitting correctly around the door. Harmonizing the design without compromise to combine beauty and safety are the features of these doors. Extra features for fire safety can also be added by customizing the needs of the buyer.

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Pre-finished fire doors can be happily fitted as they come to all wat with the door itself. It comes with machined hinges and latches. Any design of doors can be made into fire doors. This comes with hassle-free installation and is ready to fit without any tasks from the user’s side. Most times it requires a little trimming. Even if they are prefinished after trimming ensure that it gets treated.

Prefinished flush doors

With exciting improvements and pocket-friendly designs, the flush door patterns come with a line of wood colours and sleek styles. Any design can be easily crafted in this. Whether it is a very simple design or an extravagant one, these timeless additions complement both traditional and modern home decors. Additionally added features make the door fd30 certified and no one is going to recognize your fire door as a practical one rather it will blend with your other furniture.

Pre-finished panel doors

Panel doors vary from 2 panels styled doors to 6 panels. It adds something which gives a traditional finish to the home. Almost fairly priced and F30 certified panel doors withstand fire and smoke for 30 minutes till your family safely gets out of the building. As made for fire safety purposes there isn’t any strict rule that your door should look so artificial. The vibrant varieties with the support of additional features make you fall in love with these beauties.

Internal glazed fire doors

Wondering whether an internal glass door can offer protection? Aren’t they set only for making the home bright and adding a rustic touch? A fire door with a glass panel can also meet the same standards of safety relative to other doors. Just like other range of doors, it comes also certified with the fire-resistant certificate and the glass used is specialized to withstand any hazards.

Prefinished Oak doors

These doors are truly masterpieces. It comes with a single-piece oak beading and is crafted with hands to form an ultra-modern and sleek look. It offers a very trendy look with thick lippings and different veneers. Besides their sleek design and curved panels, these are sturdy and durable doors that offer safety along with style.

These stylish and competitively priced doors offering classic and modern looks are today’s need and want. To optimize the performance, the fittings and accessories should also be fire-resistant. These doors can also help in re-enhancing your interiors. Add on extra features include a closer for your door which automatically closes after a fixed time. Adding drop seal also acts as a barrier that prevents smoke and fumes to come through the doors.