Fire Rated Internal Fire Doors

Our Fire Doors range includes timeless designs. It may be your architect has given a fire rated door in certain locations. It’s obviously good practice to divide a room using a source of fire like a stove, fireplace, oven or hob from different areas of the home with a fire door. In this way, if an accident should happen, the fire can offer your household with vital extra time to make their escape. Our fire doors have been FD30 / FD60 rated to provide thirty minutes of time before they will burn through.

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What’s their objective?

Fire doors are designed for fire safety system, protecting inhabitants of both domestic and industrial buildings in the spread of fire by confining it to a particular place for a longer time period. This permits people within the construction time to escape via other avenues which may otherwise be cut off by the fire.

They’re a legal necessity for certain buildings, such as flats and commercial properties, but the prime goal for fire doors is to save lives and prevent the development of damaging fire.

Choice and Setup

Setup of fire doors must be done properly, please see our help and information section for additional info on this crucial element. The in-tumescent strip is merely one of the key components in a fire door. Running around the edge where the door meets the door frame, it helps to trap the smoke, preventing it from spreading, in addition to helping keep flames from spreading beyond the doorway.