Our Moulded fire doors are not only cost-efficient but stylish too! Available in a large variety of styles from classic to contemporary, there is a design to match every internal design. FD30 Fire Door rated for 30-minute protection against the spread of fire in the home or commercial buildings. The design and style of your home will not be compromised for the sake of efficiency and safety.

All doors have an FD30 rating for 30 minutes of protection against the risk of fire. At Internal Doors UK, we have a range of moulded fire doors which will suit the design and style of their standard and glazed counterparts. Great if you need a fire door in one part of the room and a standard door in another.

Why fit a Fire Door, and what is their purpose?

Modern building regulations are extremely strict on the use of fire doors in certain areas. This could be that your architect has specified the use of a fire door in specific areas. It is always a safer choice to separate a room with a source of fire, such as kitchens with stoves, areas with fireplaces etc. This means, if an accident was to arise, the fire door could allow your family with vital extra time to make their escape. Our fire doors have an FD30 rating provide 30 minutes of time before they will burn through. Even if a fire door is required, our range will certainly match your interior and fit in with the design of your home. Fire doors protect both commercial and domestic buildings from any spread of fire, by restricting it to a certain area for a longer period of time. This allows more time for people within the building to make their escape via alternative routes, which might not be cut off by the fire. Fire Doors are a legal requirement for particular buildings, such as commercial properties and flats, but the main purpose for fire doors are to delay the progress of a destructive fire, and most importantly save lives. You can also fire FD60 Fire Doors with a 60-minute barrier against the risk of fire.

Installation of your fire door

It is vital that your Fire Doors are installed correctly. It is always recommended seeking professional help if you do not feel comfortable fitting them by yourself.
The gap around the sides and the top of the door must be no more than 3mm. Also, the gap between the base of the door and the floor must be no more than 10mm.

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