Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed internal doors are hands down among the most appealing doors out there. Any homeowner looking for doors to give their home a completely different look usually goes for a glazed internal door. Even better, you can now find glazed fire doors that not only transform your interior design but also take your safety up a notch. It is always wise to make sure you put some measures that can help keep you or your family safe in case anything, such as fire breaks out. Our Glazed Fire Doors have an FD30 rating for 30 minutes of protection against the risk of fire. If you are worried about compromising your interior style for the sake of efficiency or safety, these are the right doors for you. They match the design and style of their standard all timber counterparts while still providing the needed top-notch security. Great if you need a standard door in one part of the room and a glazed fire door in another to help mix things up.

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What are Glazed Internal Fire Doors?

Glazed internal fire doors are basically wooden fire doors that also have glass. The glasses can be huge or small depending on the exact design you want or the door’s purpose.  We have different types of glazed fire doors that you can buy today. These fire doors offer varying benefits hence making it crucial for you to be sure of exactly what you want. This will allow you to make a better decision that you won’t regret later.

Our glazed fire doors allow for additional light to pass between rooms, brightening up a darker house area. Therefore, if your kitchen or hallway does not have great lighting, you can brighten them up with these stunning designs instead of always leaving your lights on. Please browse through our selection of Oak, White Primed, Ash, Walnut, and Abachi doors. We also have a range of window styles to choose from: long light, fully glazed, and three and four-light. So, you could buy a glazed fire door and a unique window that matches to help achieve the best look.

Please note that our Glazed Fire doors may take slightly longer to deliver as their designs require more time to accomplish. And we never want to rush the process and then deliver a door that won’t satisfy you. So, make sure to call to confirm all the details, including the total price and the amount of time it will take to get your glazed fire door.

Do I need a Glazed Fire Door?

If you own a commercial building or house, you definitely need a glazed fire door. Modern building regulations are extremely strict on the use of fire doors in certain areas. This could be that your architect has specified the use of a fire door in specific areas of your house. It is always a safer choice to separate a room with a source of fire, such as kitchens with stoves, areas with fireplaces, etc. This means, if an accident was to arise, the fire door could allow your family vital extra time to make their escape. It also reduces the spread of fire in the house, thus minimizing losses and injuries.

Our Glazed fire doors have an FD30 rating which means they usually shield you from fire for 30 minutes before they burn through. So, if the fire is really huge outside, the door will keep you safe from flames and smoke for those 30 minutes before help arrives. Even if a fire door is required, our range will certainly match your interior and fit in with the design of your home. Plus, if you feel like you can’t seem to find the exact fire door you are looking for, make sure to call us, and we can plan on how to customize one for you to meet your specific needs.

The most important part of choosing the right fire door is the quality of the glazing. Our fire doors are available in various types of glazing, providing anything from safety against a high-reach fire to security from forced entry or as a barrier for preventing sound from escaping. The type of glazing you get will also depend on your budget and other specific needs, such as the amount of lighting the glass allows.

Also, note that we have added a filter on our glazed fire doors page. You can use it to specify the different features you are looking for in a glazed fire door, including your budget. Once you provide these details, the filter will display the fire doors that meet those specifications. However, don’t narrow down your search too much to ensure you get a chance to see most of the available options on the site.