Our Glazed Fire Doors have an FD30 rating for 30 minutes of protection against the risk of fire. If you are worried about compromising the style of your interior for the sake of efficiency or safety, these are the right doors for you. They match the design and style of their standard all timber counterparts. Also, this means that the look and feel of a room will not be compromised. Great if you need a standard door in one part of the room and a glazed fire door in another.

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At Internal Doors UK, our glazed fire doors allow additional light, brightening up a darker area of the house. Brighten up your kitchen or hallway with these stunning designs. Browse through our selection of Oak, White Primed, Ash, Walnut and Abachi doors. We also have a range of window styles to choose from: long light, fully glazed and three and four-light. Please note that our Glazed Fire doors may take slightly longer to deliver, please call for details.

Why do I need a Fire Door?

Modern building regulations are extremely strict on the use of fire doors in certain areas. This could be that your architect has specified the use of a fire door in specific areas. It is always a safer choice to separate a room with a source of fire, such as kitchens with stoves, areas with fireplaces etc. This means, if an accident was to arise, the fire door could allow your family with vital extra time to make their escape. Our Glazed fire doors have an FD30 rating provide 30 minutes of time before they will burn through. Even if a fire door is required, our range will certainly match your interior and fit in with the design of your home.

Selection and Installation

It is essential that the installation of fire doors are done correctly. It is important that no more than 3mm is taken off each side when fitting to the fire-rated door frame/lining, to ensure the fire safety certificate remains valid.