Georgian Fire Doors

Georgian Fire doors are usually a huge necessity to many homeowners when building a new home or replacing old internal doors. Having fire doors gives you a higher sense of safety since you are assured that you would be safe if a fire broke out in the building. There are many types of fire doors that you can install in your house or commercial building. The difference is mostly the design, material, and size of the door. Therefore, there are a few factors you need to consider to help find the best and most reliable fire door. Georgian fire doors are among the most popular options in the market today. Our range of Georgian Fire Doors comes in various designs to perfectly suit your home interior! These perfect doors will finish off the look of your home, matching the decoration and build of your interior. We have an extensive range of FD30 rated Georgian Fire Doors to choose from to suit your preferences. So, even if you are very choosy, don’t worry because you will undoubtedly find something you will like from our available designs. Plus, we can customize the Georgian fire door you choose to make sure it perfectly fits your taste and interior design.

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  • XL Joinery Colonist 6 Panel Internal White Moulded Door
    £126.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • LPD White Moulded Smooth 6P Square Primed Internal Door
    £122.99£127.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • LPD White Regency 6P Primed Internal Door
    £118.99£122.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  •  XL Joinery Colonial 6P Internal Oak Door
    £223.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • lpd canterbury 4p white primed internal door
    £220.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • LPD Oak 4P Unfinished Internal Door
    £164.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • LPD Oak Regency 4P RM2S Unfinished Internal Door
    £186.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
  • lpd regency 6p pre finished oak internal door
    £151.99 (inc VAT) Select optionsSelect options
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Showing all 8 results

Why choose Georgian Fire Doors?

Panels are among the most crucial factors that every person considers when buying an internal fire door. The panels usually hugely determine how the door looks and how it rhymes with your interior design. So, it all boils down to the type of look you are trying to achieve in your house.

Many homeowners go for the six raised panels, as it provides a more sophisticated and expensive look. It also works great with a modern style interior. However, other homeowners prefer the simpler four-panel style. So, if you are looking for a laidback design, then the four-panel design can be a great choice.

You can choose from flat or raised panels. Many people love the raised panels because they make the door look more attractive and interesting. Raised panels usually work great with complex interior designs. The flat panels are a great fit for homeowners who just want something simple but elegant. Flat panels amplify the interior without attracting too much attention.

A variety of designs to choose from

We also have designs with raised moldings for a flashy, Georgian look. So, we have a range of Georgian fire doors that you can choose from to help you find what you are looking for. Our different styles of fire doors come in handy when you don’t know what you are looking for because you can now check out the differences of all the doors until you find a great fit.

To help you find the Georgian fire door that you want, we have included a filter on the left side of the Georgian fire doors page on our website. This filter will help you narrow down your search by specifying the features that you want on your fire door. That way, you will only be presented with doors that meet that criteria. You can filter the search results by the price range, size, color, and finish. Additionally, you can always call us to ensure we have the particular type of Georgian fire door you are looking for.

With Internal Doors UK, the style of your home will not be compromised for efficiency or safety. Although we take safety very seriously and include the best features to guarantee that, we also make sure the fire door has a great design. That way, you can install a door that will both compliment your interior and provide safety. Our Georgian Fire Doors have an FD30 rating for 30 minutes of protection against the risk of fire. They suit the design and style of their conventional and glazed counterparts. Great if you need a fire door in one part of the room and a standard door in another part to provide a unique style.

Do I Need a Fire Door?

Fire doors create a fire safety system, preserving both commercial and domestic buildings from the risk of a fire spreading by confining it to a specific location for a longer period of time, but can still be stylish too! Check out our designs to find the door you desire.

These doors are suited to both period and modern properties, depending on your internal design theme. With Internal Doors UK, you do not need to compromise on style. We have a wide range of patterns that will match any internal design. The fire doors match their standard counterparts so that you do not have to have different designs in the same area of the house.

Our Fire Doors perfectly match your other standard internal doors, so you do not have to compromise the style and elegance of your interior.