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Our Flush Fire Doors fit both period and modern properties, depending on your internal design. The flush doors have a flat surface, and sometimes have a panelled effect produced by “v” grooves cut into the face.

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With Internal Doors UK, our Flush Fire Doors will not compromise the style of your home for efficiency. All doors have an FD30 rating for thirty-minute protection against the risk of fire. We have a range of flush fire doors that will suit the design and style of their glazed and standard counterparts, avoiding the chance of compromising the feel and look of the room. Great if you need a fire door in one part of the room and a standard door in another.

Browse through our White Primed, Oak, Ash, Walnut and abachi, Charcoal and grey doors, and also our new range of White primed, flush doors with modern, geometric patterns.

Why fit a Fire Door, and what is their purpose?

Modern building regulations are extremely strict on the use of fire doors in certain areas. This could be that your architect has specified the use of a fire door in specific areas. It is always a safer choice to separate a room with a source of fire, such as kitchens with stoves, areas with fireplaces etc. This means, if an accident was to arise, the fire door could allow your family with vital extra time to make their escape. Our fire doors have an FD30 rating provide 30 minutes of time before they will burn through.

Selection and Installation

The installation of fire doors must be done correctly. The intumescent strip is one of the essential elements in a fire door. It runs around the edge of the door where it meets the lining or frame. It expands in the heat, which helps trap the smoke. This stops fumes from spreading. Also preventing flames from travelling passed the door. This keeps an escape route safe.