Composite Fire Doors

Our range of Composite Fire Doors are both stylish and elegant, with a modernised look. These doors manufactured with the best technique will surely resist the rigours of contemporary life. Perfect for commercial and domestic applications, they are super easy to clean and have superb insulating qualities. Our Composite doors are FD30 Fire Rated. So, they are certified to resist fire for up to 30 minutes.

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With Internal Doors UK, our range of Fire Doors will not compromise the room’s style just for efficiency or safety. We have a range of Fire Doors with an FD30 rating for thirty minutes of protection against fire, which also suit their glazed and standard counterparts’ design and style.

Buy Composite Fire Doors Online

If you’re after a solid, secure FD30 fire door to strengthen the modern design of your home, then our composite fire doors are perfect for you. These energy-efficient doors provide additional security in your home and come in a range of colours and styles which will suit your property without a doubt.

Composite doors are constructed from a range of materials, including Wood, PVC, Glass Reinforced Plastic, and insulating foam, allowing them to adapt to different styles. Due to the high amount of materials involved in the mix of these internal composite doors, they are generally abnormally robust, enabling them to endure the wear-and-tear that occurs naturally with everyday family life. At Internal Doors UK, we have a wide range of composite fire doors; we can provide you with a selection of cost-effective, composite fire doors.

Which Composite Fire Door Should I Buy?

The style of composite door that you choose will depend on your personal preference, usage, and current home design. When you purchase internal composite doors from Internal Doors UK, they will be delivered straight to your home, ready to be installed straight away.

All our composite fire doors come complete with an impeccable finish and will be crafted in an identical way to guarantee that all of the doors in your property match. With a contemporary, modern style, you can intensify the décor in your home. Alternatively, you can use your composite fire door in one room as a statement piece.

How Composite Doors Can Compliment My Room

Composite Fire Doors can act as a contemporary masterpiece to give your home a more updated feel, commemorating an already modern interior. When purchasing a composite door from Internal Doors UK, you can use them to create an airier feeling to your home without minimising space within a room. Composite doors provide resilience and also secure heat within one room.

You can match the internal design of almost any home with our stylish Composite Doors. Our range of composite doors are ready to hang and have a variety of sizes to choose from. The Vancouver selection has a Glazed Fire Door option too. Make sure to purchase internal composite fire doors from Internal Doors UK today and take advantage of our 10-year guarantee.

Why Fire Doors?

Modern building regulations are very strict when it comes to fire doors in certain situations. Your architect may have stipulated that a fire door is needed in certain areas of the property. It is always a good idea to separate a room with a stove, fireplace, oven, or another fire source from other areas of your home with fire doors. This way, if a fire was to break out, the fire door can provide you and your family with additional time to escape. Our fire doors are FD30 rated to provide thirty minutes before they will burn through.

What is their Purpose?

Fire doors protect both commercial and domestic buildings from any spread of fire by restricting it to a certain area for a longer period of time. This allows more time for people within the building to escape via alternative routes, which the fire might not cut off.

Fire Doors are a legal requirement for particular buildings, such as commercial properties and flats, but the main purpose of fire doors is to delay a destructive fire and, most importantly, save lives.

Selection and Installation

The installation of fire doors must be done correctly.
The intumescent strip is one of the essential elements in a fire door. It runs around the edge of the door where it meets the lining or frame. It expands in the heat, which helps trap the smoke. This stops fumes from spreading. Also preventing flames from travelling passed the door. This keeps an escape route safe.