Black Fire Doors

Black fire doors are timeless pieces that have won many hearts. They exhibit true elegance and give a new persona to the contemporary homes of today’s world. They are one of the most popular items in our collection.

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These days people are shifting towards minimalistic designs for their homes and offices. White or grey walls, simple decor, wooden coloured floors make the black doors stand out. Our Black Fire doors are a fine catch. They are different from the regular black doors. They not only look sleek but are also high on utility. Fire doors are made of a combination of special composite material and solid core. They have been meticulously tested for fire tolerance. They also have an intumescent seal present on the corner edge of the door. They have two main features.

  • They prevent the fire from spreading when closed.
  • They prevent the passing of smoke from one room to another. This is important because excessive smoke from the fire can suffocate people inside.

Every fire door should have an easy-open, hard-close feature. Ours is just right. Our doors are made with utmost delicacy to meet the highest standards. We have FSC certification for fire doors. 

Why Does One Need Fire Doors?

Fire doors fall under a higher price bracket. They have great utility in commercial places with high fire hazards like factories. As a homeowner, one might think if they are at all worth getting. So here are the reasons to invest in one.

  1. Kitchens are most vulnerable to catch fires. So putting a fire door in the kitchen entrance will be a good decision.
  2. A fire door can be placed at the main entrance of the house. In case of any fire accident, this will ensure that the entrance stays out of the fire and one can easily escape.
  3. Style plus safety go hand in hand. A little extra investment on doors will go a long way.

Why Black?

We have a great collection of fire doors in different shades. Yet the black ones seem to be a favourite for our customers. Reason?

  • It looks sophisticated.
  • It goes well with most wall colours and floor colours
  • Every dark item in the room gets accentuated.

The Pre-finished charcoal black internal door is our personal favourite. We love the texture of these doors. These hardcore doors have also proven to be excellent as external doors. Get yours from our exclusive range of Black fire doors. We have both primed and glazed versions available in a range of multiple panels to push up the style quotient an extra notch. Choose the one that is suitable for your design and purpose.

Before getting a fire door, one should carefully check the size requirements. And see if it is going to fit the existing frame. This applies to anyone investing in building renovation. Take professional expert help in installing fire doors.

For any more information regarding Black Fire Doors or any other range, contact us anytime. We will do our best to resolve any problems.