1930s Doors

A traditional home from the era 1930 would have had heavy solid oak doors, pitch pine or Douglas fir timber doors in what has become known as a 1930’s style. Internal Doors UK enables you to use the same old benefits of 1930’s Fire Doors in your property in 2022. Our 1930s fire doors are very well-known in homes for adding a nostalgic appearance. Our FD30 fire doors are built with a firm hardwood core covered with an A-grade veneer and two layers of lipping. The 1930’s doors are designed with a single panel at the top and three vertical panels on the bottom. These doors can protect your property for over 30 minutes from the spread of fire.

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  • LPD Oak DX 30s Unfinished Internal Door
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  • XL Joinery DX Internal Oak Door
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  • lpd dx 30s white primed internal door
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  • XL Joinery DX 30s White Primed Internal Door
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With bold patterns and a blending of traditional and modern styles, our 1930’s doors will elevate the look and environment of any property. At Internal Doors UK, our entire collection of doors are manufactured with high-quality timber and finished to a superb standard.

The Door Design

Our 1930’s Fire doors look great in both period and modern properties, depending on your interior’s theme. With Internal Doors UK, your home’s style will not be compromised, as the fire doors match their conventional counterparts so that you do not have to have different designs, confusing your design, in the same area of your home. But they can be stylish too! Browse our designs to find the perfect doors for you.

Interior 1930’s Fire Doors

If you are trying to create a nostalgic feel to your home or refurbishing your property, our 1930’s doors are a great choice. They are designed to be durable and of high quality. At Internal Doors UK, our 1930’s doors are engineered with solid timber to decrease the amount of warping or splitting, which comes naturally between season changes. These Fire door versions match their standard counterparts, so your interior design style is not compromised. We also have Primed versions if you’d prefer to paint, glaze or finish your doors by yourself. This gives you the freedom you need to experiment and create a more unique-looking 30’s door.

Why Do I Need a Fire Door?

Our budget-friendly 1930’s Fire Doors are the best choice when it comes to safety, designs, and prices. We understand that fire is one of your top priorities. Fire doors are specially created for a fire safety system, protecting both commercial and residential properties from the risk of a fire spreading. Not only protection, but these doors are also very beautiful, which makes them the ultimate choice for your new house. We make sure that you are always provided with the best doors with multiple features, including higher safety and alluring designs at the best prices. Browse thru our doors and choose the one that fits all of your needs.


Safety is, of course, one of our customers’ main priorities. Our 1930’s Fire doors are fire safe. These kinds of doors are recommended for any area with a fire risk. Our made-to-measure service will ensure your 1930’s fire doors can be made to fit any opening size in your house. This could be a kitchen with an oven to a lounge with a fireplace.

Why should you choose IDUK?

Our consumers choose us for our best quality, best rates, and beautiful designs for so many reasons.

Reasonable prices:  Purchase our 1930’s fire doors at the best prices and add beauty to your property.

Best Quality:  We offer top-quality doors with modern and updated designs with safety and 100% customer satisfaction.

Quick delivery. We deliver within 4-8 working days. Find more about our delivery services or contact us for more information.


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