1920s Fire Doors

Our 1920s Fire Doors are very famous in the properties of every era. Our 1920s and 30’s Fire doors range has a single panel at the top and three vertical panels at the bottom. FD30 fire doors offer fire safety of 30 minutes for areas at a greater risk. With Internal Doors UK, style will never be compromised for safety or competence. Our 1920’s Fire doors are structured to match the design and style of their conventional and glazed counterparts without compromising the look of a room.

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  • lpd dx 30s white primed internal door
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  • XL Joinery DX Internal Oak Fire Door
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  • XL Joinery DX 30s White Primed Internal Door
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  • LPD Oak DX 30s Unfinished Internal Door
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It is excellent if you require a fire door in one part of the room and a standard door in another. Our 1920s fire doors can completely change and upgrade the look of a room with their bold patterns and combination of modern and old-fashioned styles. Our doors are prepared using high-quality timber and finished to an excellent standard.

Interior 1920’s Fire Doors

All of our 1920’s Fire doors are produced with solid timber to reduce the amount of splitting or warping, which occurs naturally over time and changes in the weather. Our 1920’s Fire Doors are designed to be of high quality and robust, too. Whether you are renovating a property from the 20s or creating a sentimental feel, these are the perfect doors.

Do I Need a Fire Door?

Our 1920’s Fire Doors are suited to both period and modern properties, depending on your internal design theme. With Internal Doors UK, our fire doors match their standard counterparts so that you do not have different mixed designs in the same area of your home.

Modern building regulations are stringent when it comes to fire doors in certain situations. Your architect may have stipulated that a fire door is needed in some property regions. It is always a good idea to separate a room with a stove, fireplace, oven, or any other source of fire from other areas of your home with fire doors. This way, if a fire was to break out, the fire door can provide you and your family with additional time to escape. Our fire doors are FD30 rated to provide thirty minutes before they burn through.

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