Pine External Doors

External Pine Doors have been used on historic buildings for over a hundred years. This has led to them becoming an iconic design feature and something that people have become accustomed to seeing on these listed buildings. External pine doors are an external door that is constructed in the same way as an internal door.

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The difference is that an external door sits within a frame that is then cement filled around the frame and the door before being applied. Then paint or limewash is applied. External Pine doors have a classic appearance that fits with most properties and can look good long-term. They are an inexpensive alternative to real wood doors.

What Pine External Doors to purchase?

With a superior, high-quality finish on all pine external doors, they are the perfect addition to any property. We stock a vast range of styles and designs from a range of several eras, including Victorian and 1930s, to provide you with a timeless appearance. With a solid core and veneered finish, external pine doors are a perfect choice for your home.

 When purchasing external pine doors from Internal Doors UK, you are guaranteed exceptionally high-quality standards each time. They are engineered in such a way to make sure that any warping, shrinking, or bending controlled and kept to a minimum. Pine is a less expensive choice for houses, but that doesn’t indicate a compromise on quality when compared to more expensive oak or walnut doors.