Front Doors & External Doors For Sale

Your External Door is a statement of your character and how people perceive your home. The door to your home is the first thing your guests see when they arrive. Not only is the design important, but it also needs to be safe and secure, and able to withstand the test of time and weather, protecting you and your family. We have a stunning range of classic and contemporary external doors for you to choose from!

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Which External Door is ideal for my home?

We understand the value of investing in External doors that will be the right fit for your property, that is why we have a wide range of superb designs for you to choose from. Some doors in our collection give a feeling of warmth and comfort, like our black and grey, while some provide a traditional Victorian vibe that will surely match the a contemporary and classic home design. 

Composite External Doors

Our composite External doors are a solid solution for your home, providing additional security and energy efficiecy whilst complementuing the design of your home. There is a wide range of styles and colours to suit your property.

Hardwood External Doors

Hardwood External Doors are highly cost-efficient and provide a magnificent look. They need to be safe and secure, able to endure the weather, protecting you and your family. 

Do you need a part L door?

For increased heat insulation, we offer a part L option also. Each door comes with a Part L certificate to ensure building regulations are met. Many people are looking to save energy on their heating bills which also benefits the environment. They are constructed with additional insulating materials built into their core.

Installation and Care

A qualified joiner is always recommended to install your door. Furthermore, four hinges are recommended for external doors and suitable solid locking mechanisms also. Your door must be hung in a sound fitting, hardwood, external grade frame.

Your external door becomes exposed to UV rays and the weather from the second it is hung. Good quality, weatherproof paint or treatments are recommended for all exterior doors to ensure they stand through British weather.