Door Handles & Knobs

Explore our range of door handles and door knobs and improve the appearance of your door. We offer a superb selection of door handles and doorknobs to our customers at Internal Doors UK.

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Door Handles

Our door handles have been selected to ensure a complimentary door handle for every external and internal door. Whether you prefer a contemporary design or a more traditional or classic style, we’ve got you covered. Interior door handles add the finishing touch to your home, enhancing your door’s design and the room in which it sits. We consider that every home is different in its own way, so ensuring there is a handle for all types of designs is key.

Contemporary Handle Packs

Add the finishing touch to your door with a Contemporary Door Handle Pack. When looking for door handles for new or existing doors, it is essential to balance style and practicality. Our LPD handle packs offer everything you need to fit a door, including a latch or bathroom lock and three high-quality hinges also. Hinges are critical for the functionality of a door. Opting for a cheap hinge may not be the right choice.

Fire Door Handle Packs

Our Fire Door Handle Packs have been tested, qualifying them to be CE Marked and comply with Construction Products Regulations.

Bathroom Handle Packs

The bathroom handle packs contain a bathroom turn and release locking mechanism, but they are not limited to bathrooms. Use the internal locking mechanism pack in any room you desire to provide additional privacy.