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XL Joinery Pattern 10 Pre Finished Oak Internal Glazed Door with Glass

10 Home Improvement Ideas for 2022 – How to Make Your Home Look Completely Different

The pandemic was a good enough reason for people to invest in their homes – after all, there was nothing else they could spend their money on. In 2022, the trend continues because most people have rediscovered their passion for DIY projects – not to mention those willing to finish the projects they started in […]

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Home Improvement Tips: How to Get the Most Out of Any Renovation Project

The more refined a home improvement project seems, the more overwhelming it becomes. However, there are certain things you can do to make it smooth and easy. A few insider tips and tricks will help you gain as much as possible, regardless of what you want – repaint the house, upgrade the front yard or […]

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How to Save Money on Doors for Your Home Improvement Project

No matter what type of doors you need or how many you are after, you know there is always a better price. You just need to know where to look. You can pay for them in interest-free loans, or you can get discounts for posting reviews or sharing something. If they can offer such a […]

Palermo 2XG Internal Oak Door with Clear Etched Glass

Oak Doors at Internal Doors UK

Oak doors offer a unique touch to your home. They can be used in entranceways, back doors, basement doors, and even patio entrances to help define indoor and outdoor areas of the house or business. Other popular uses include children’s rooms, guest rooms, and bathrooms, as they are easy to clean.  Benefits of choosing Oak […]

XL Joinery Salerno Internal Oak Rebated Door Pair with Clear Glass

How to fit internal doors

When installing internal doors, it’s essential to take the right door size, as a poorly fitting door will look and feel wrong. The first step is to measure your space correctly and determine which type of door will fit. Here are a few tips on how to fit internal doors.  Step 1: Remove the old doors. […]

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Fire Doors

Fire doors are a little different from the other types of fire protection equipment because they have to be maintained and tested regularly. This means that you need to invest in a good quality fire door and make sure that it is in proper working condition. Although you may be tempted to cut corners, this […]

lpd nostalgia 4p white primed internal door 2

What is a Part L Door?

Part L is the Building Regulations Document that covers the conservation of fuel and power. Part L is the document that specifies all the regulations for energy efficiency in new buildings, new dwellings, and buildings undergoing major renovations. If you are looking to have a new front door fitted, you may hear mention of Part […]

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Creating a Vintage look within your home

Creating a vintage look within your home doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do numerous things to give your home an old-fashioned feel without spending a small fortune. Internal Doors for a vintage design  Usually, internal doors are the final finishing touches to a room and can give it a specific look and feel. […]

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Points to consider when installing Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors have been around for some time, renowned for their efficiency, versatility, and style. Bi-fold doors are essentially double doors that open like where one door is extended to join with the other. These can be used in many ways, from creating more space in the kitchen to increasing the light in the hall. […]

lpd damper unit

10 Things You Need To Know Before buying an Internal Door

When you’re thinking about getting a new internal door, choose from many options. It can be confusing and challenging to know what type of door will best suit your needs. Here are 10 things you need to know before buying an internal door. Different types of internal doors The first step is working out which […]

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Trimming your doors to size

Many of our customers ask if a door can be trimmed. The answer solely depends on the door design. Different manufacturers have different trimming limits on their range of doors. If you plan to trim a door, we recommend consulting with a carpenter to avoid any mistakes. Trimming Internal Doors When it comes to trimming […]

a helpful guide on the installation of fire doors

A helpful guide on the installation of fire doors

The installation of fire door assemblies and doorsets is critical for the overall safety of a building, which means that any professional fire door installer takes care to ensure that every step of the process is done correctly. Installing fire doors correctly is as important as choosing the right fire door for your home, so […]

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Internal Door trends available at Internal Doors UK

When you hear the words internal doors, what springs to mind? For us, when we think of internal doors, a few attributes come to mind, like classic, traditional and contrasting shades. Below are four trends that Internal Doors UK can help you with. Create the cottage feel Oak internal doors are options for any kind […]

a guide to measuring internal doors

A guide to measuring internal doors

How do I measure Internal Doors? Measure the dimensions of your door opening, not the existing door – you will need a tape measure, pen and piece of paper. It is essential to have a clear picture of what internal door style and size you are looking for. It needs to match your interior as […]

4 ways to save money when doing home renovations 2

4 Ways to Save Money When Doing Home Renovations

The immediate cost might cause you to do a double-take when undertaking some home renovation projects. However, it isn’t necessary to pay so much upfront. You can save money and still get exactly what you want by doing a little planning and shopping around. Let’s take a look at five ways you can save money […]

aluvu external folding sliding pre finished grey

Building the Perfect Home Renovation Budget

Building the perfect home renovation budget is tough. The more you research, the more questions you have. Much of a home renovation’s success rests on the homeowner’s ability to articulate their vision and then create a detailed plan for achieving it. But before you can work out those plans, you need to set a budget. […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Install Panelled Doors

Panelled doors are becoming increasingly popular because many homeowners find them to be a better alternative to traditional sliding doors. Have you ever wondered what the best door is for your property? There’s a lot of choices and it can be difficult to work out which one is going to be right for your property. […]

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Why Fire Doors Are Crucial to a Safe Building

Fire doors are an important part of creating a safe building. Fire doors are designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading, which can prevent your business from being damaged and protect your employees in the event of a fire. Many people think that fire doors only pertain to helping prevent smoke and flames from […]

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Exploring the wonders of Internal Doors In The UK

Choosing the right doors for your home is important, and there are several types of doors to choose from. Internal doors are one type you might need to consider, especially if you have a hallway or entrance where you want to add some style or make sure they work properly. Luckily, you don’t have to […]

xl joinery classique 2 panel internal white moulded door

A Brief Guide to Internal Panel Doors

Next to sliding glass doors, panel doors are probably the second most popular door design. There are many reasons for this. Panel doors have advanced more than any other type of door design over the last 10 years. What is a panel door? It is simply wood or metal that is attached to pieces of […]